Legends of Avadnu

The following web support material is available for Legends of Avadnu.


Legends of Avadnu CoverCombat Tokens

These Combat Tokens are provided as an easy substitute for use on a battle grid when suitable miniatures are not available. Our Combat Tokens feature full color artwork, and are specifically sized for the 3.5 version of the rules.


Legends of Avadnu: Combat Tokens (393 KB PDF)


Art Packet

While our screen version of Legends of Avadnu is pretty to look at, it isn't very practical to print out all of those full color pages. Many of you will be printing out the Ink Light version, but that does not contain any of the monster artwork. The Artwork Packet provides all of the Legends of Avadnu artwork in a handy PDF format. One picture is represented per page, so you can print out just what you need. The pictures are also larger then in the main book and are of a much higher quality, so they will produce high quality printouts.


Legends of Avadnu: Artwork Packet (7.26 MB PDF)



Denizens of Avadnu

The following web support material is available for Denizens of Avadnu.


Denizens of Avadnu CoverErrata

Inevitably, errors slip into all products.


Denizens of Avadnu: Errata (72 KB PDF)


Template Examples

When Denizens of Avadnu was in layout, we decided to go cut all of the sample templated creatures from the book to pack in more monsters. Some reviewers and players missed the sample templates and suggested that they should be put into future products. We figured why wait, and we have provided a downloadable PDF which contains all of the templates. Note: These our bare bones templates. We didn't add a lot of multiclass levels or fun stuff like we normally would as we wanted these to be simple and easy to understand.


Denizens of Avadnu: Template Examples (388 KB PDF)


Psionic Monsters Update

It was inevitable that there would need to be some updates to the creatures in Denizens of Avadnu. In this web enhancement, the psionic monsters are adapted to the new 3.5 version of the psionics rules. Kudos to d20 guru Alex Freed who had to stat the lengthy xiir for the third time! If you don't own Denizens of Avadnu but have a soft spot for psionics, take a peak at this file–it contains the full writeups (updated to 3.5, of course!) for the xiir, crelith, kei-ehri, psyros and their accompanying template: the mindburned.


Denizens of Avadnu: Psionic Monsters Update (2.1 MB PDF)


Web Races

Many of the creatures in Denizens of Avadnu can be used as PC races or followers. This first web enhancement provides a listing of the creatures in question to help players and DMs pick them out of the crowd. Included is a list of 20 playable races (9 of which have an ECL of 0), 5 creatures which can be used as cohorts, and 12 creatures which can be used as animal companions, familiars, or mounts. Finally, we list the 12 templates and their level adjustments (just in case you have a desire to play a half-xxyth character).


Denizens of Avadnu: Web Races (202 KB PDF)




The following module is available for free for version 3.5 of the d20 system.


In the quiet remote city of Niarva, the Witten Asylum stood as a testament to ground-breaking care for the mentally ill. Forty years ago, Witten was renowned throughout the surrounding communities as a place of peace and tranquility. Today, the asylum has fallen on dark times. Patients have gone missing, and the once placid establishment stands at the breach of a terrible discovery. Journey into the dark recesses of this fetid place and find out if the dark rumors surrounding Witten Asylum hold true... if you dare.


Where Madness Dwells was our first product released for the d20 System and is an adventure that uses version 3.5 rules. It is suitable for four 7th-level characters, and offers a good mix of roleplaying, problem solving and combat and can easily be adapted for groups of varying strength. This is one module your players will never forget.


• Where Madness Dwells (8.5 MB Zipped PDF)